1200℃ vacuum atmospher furnace with mechanical pump-CYKY

The 1200℃ vacuum atmospher furnace CY-V1200-36L adopts double-layer air-cooled structure, high purity polycrystalline alumina fiber to make the furnace, and uses resistance wire as heating element; Equipped with rotary mechanical pump, vacuum up to 0.01mbar.  The machine has reasonable structure, unique shape, simple operation and easy to learn. At present, the  vacuum atmospher furnace has been ordered by many research institutes, universities and research institutions at home and abroad.  It is an ideal product for metal heat treatment, ceramic sintering, vacuum smelting, etc.

1200℃ vacuum atmospher furnace technical parameters:

Item Detail
Supply voltage AC380V
Maximum power Vacuum furnace 9kW, vacuum system 5.5kW,water-chiller0.6kW
Heating rate ≤20℃/min,recommended 10℃/min
Operating temperature Maximum temperature≤1000℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Thermocouple K type thermocouple
Uniform temperature ±5℃
Temperature control method Double layer polycrystalline alumina ceramic fiber furnace AI-PID 30 section process curve, can store multiple With overheat and coupling protection
Furnace chamber material Double layer polycrystalline alumina ceramic fiber furnace
Atmosphere control Fine tuning valve intake, can pass Ar, N2 and other inert gas
Vacuum system Mechanical pump
Furnace chamber size 300*300*400mm
Sealing method Outer furnace door seal ring seal, inner furnace door chamber concave and convex type seal
Vacuum system Mechanical pump limit vacuum 0.01mbar
Overall size 1520mm X 1140 mm X 1900 mm
Total Weight About 600kg

1200℃ vacuum atmospher furnace equipment compositions:

 1200℃ vacuum atmospher furnace

The overall structure:

1.Furnace chamber 2.Intake valve 3.Touch screen 4.Air inlet
5.power switch 6.Mechanical pump 7.Water cooling pipe(connect water chiller) 8.Oil mist filter
9.Exhaust pipe 10.Differencial pressure valve 11.Manual baffle valve 12.Deflation valve
13.Vacuum gauge

Matters need attention:

1.After the stove is used for the first time or not used for a long time, empty burning should be carried out. When the equipment leaves the factory, there is a test program, and the user can run it directly for trial burning.

2. Users are not allowed to modify the equipment privately; It is forbidden to place toxic and harmful chemical products and high pollution items in the furnace chamber, which may cause harm to human body. In the continuous heating operation, the surface temperature of furnace body may be over 70℃. Please do not touch the surface of furnace body directly, so as not to cause damage. Please cut off the power supply when cleaning the furnace body. Do not use any detergent or flammable liquid to clean it. Please wipe it with a wet towel. Do not use sharp objects to click on the display screen of the control unit, so as not to damage the screen and harm the body; Use screen cleaner regularly to clean the display screen of the control unit. This cleaner will not produce any scratches and prevent static electricity. The display screen damage caused by improper use or cleaning operation is not included in the warranty scope; The system is equipped with exhaust fan, which is used to control the temperature of the system to ensure the safety of the system. Do not block the top cover of the furnace body when using.