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Bridgman furnace with the maximum temperature of 1500℃. It is designed for the directional solidification of Polycrystalline Ingots up to 25mm diameter. The heating module & cooling fan with adjustable speed is beneficial to create a large temperature gradient at the interface of the molten / crystalline state. An automatic crucible retrieving system enables the most convenient way for sample loading/unloading. The optional crucible rotation stage can be added at additional cost for single crystal ingot growth.

Bridgman Furnace

Bridgman furnace uses:

The equipment is a single crystal superalloy directional solidification equipment integrating high-temperature alloy smelting, pouring, mold shell double-zone heat preservation, and directional solidification. The equipment is mainly based on experimental research, taking into account small-scale industrial demonstration research;
1.2 The single crystal preparation technology used is the seed crystal method and the crystal selection method; the directional solidification technology used is the high-speed solidification method (HRS) and the liquid metal cooling method (LMC);

Technical parameters:

Main Features ●   The single-heating zones heating module and two cooling fans with adjustable speed can adjust the temperature gradient of the melt / crystal interface at furnace exit

●  Φ25mm alumina sample table with temperature test, which can accurately display the temperature at the bottom of the crucible and measure the temperature distribution in the furnace chamber.

●  Electric lifting sample table is convenient for customers to load / retrieve sample

Power Requirements ●  Voltage: AC380V three-phase

●  Power: 9.5KW

Working Temperature ●  Max. working temperature: 1500 ℃

●  Continuous heating temperature: 1450 ℃

●  Heating element: silicon molybdenum rod

Furnace Tube & Flange ●  Corundum tube: size φ40 x 1200 mm L

●  Equipped with a set of stainless steel sealing flanges to ensure single crystal growth under vacuum or inert atmosphere

Sample Stage ●  Alumina sample table: Φ25 * 25mmH

●  An S-type thermocouple is embedded in the bottom of the sample stage, which can measure the temperature of the sample in real time

Heating Zones One heating zone, the total length of the heating zone is 240mm
Temperature Control System ●  Use PID to adjust the temperature, can set 30 segments of heating and cooling program

●  With over-temperature and broken thermocouple protection

●  Temperature accuracy: +/- 2℃.

●  S-type thermocouple

Cooling Fan The speed adjustable cooling fans are installed at the bottom exit of the furnace
Furnace Travel Distance & Speed ●  As the furnace heater moves upward, the sample is moving downward relative to the furnace heater.

●  The maximum travel distance of the furnace heater is 200 mm.

●  Travel speed: 0.03-3 mm/hr