High temperature and high pressure tube furnace for laboratory can realize three functions of automatic stamping, overpressure release and automatic temperature control. It is equipped with process software, which can realize the whole process of data collection during the sintering process, and provide the most authentic and reliable basis for the analysis and research of experimental data.

high pressure tube furnace

High temperature  tube furnace application range:

The device can be widely used in high temperature and high pressure processing of nano materials, high temperature and high pressure sintering of special function ceramics, and the high temperature and high pressure modulation method is used to change the thermal property and electrical conductivity of the materials.

High temperature and high pressure tube furnace technical parameters:

Item Detail
Model CY-HS1200-85I-T
Supply voltage AC220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz
Working temperature 0~1100℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control mode 30 or 50 segment program temperature control
Furnace tube diameter 85mm
Furnace tube length 1000mm
Furnace tube material Ultra-high temperature alloy
Sealing method Pressure resistant CF flange
Flange interface 1/4″ ferrule connector (Ø8 pagoda-shape connector)
Vacuum 4.4E-3Pa
Pressure measurement Semiconductor pressure gauge
Overvoltage protection Safety deflation valve
Pressure regulation Manual electric free switching
Heating zone Single heating zone 440mm long
Work pressure ≤20Mpa  @800℃

≤12Mpa  @900℃

≤6Mpa  @1000℃

≤4Mpa  @1100℃

Display method LCD touch screen
Working gas Non-corrosive gases such as nitrogen, argon, and oxygen

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