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High Vacuum Tube Furnace with their unbeatable price-performance quantitative relation, terribly compact outer dimensions and their low weight. These all-rounders ar equipped with a operating tube that conjointly is support for the heating wires. Thus, the operating tube is a component of the chamber heating that has the advantage that the furnaces reach terribly high heat-up rates. High Vacuum Tube Furnace may be equipped for 1100 °C or 1300 °C. each models ar designed for horizontal application. If the client needs protecting gas atmosphere, a separate operating tube incl. gas offer system one, e.g. made from lechatelierite, should be inserted within the operating tube.



technical parameter

Model CY-O1200S-GZK110
Limiting temperature 1200℃
Working temperature ≤1150℃
Heating rate Suggestion 0~20℃/min
Temperature zone Single
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Chamber size Φ50×700(mm)
Heating element Imported alloy heating wire
Thermal couple K Type
Temperature control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Heating curves 30 steps programmable
Chamber material Imported fiber
Heating zone 200mm
Thermostatic  zone 80mm
Tube material Quartz tube
Sealing type stainless steel vacuum flange
Tightness 4.03*10-3Pa
Current and voltage Monitoring Analog galvanometer
Pumping speed >110
Compression ratio N2 > 108, H2> 5*102
Maximum vacuum 6*10-6 Pa
Working temperature 0-40°c
 Starting time <3 min
 Cooling type fan cooling or water cooling
Rotate speed  42300rpm
Pump connection KF25 stainless steel Bellows, KF25 clamps, KF25flapper valve
Vacuum meter mechanical vacuum gauges, or electronic vacuum gauges
Working voltage 220V 50-60Hz


1. high purity corundum tube, resistance high temperature 1200 ℃

2. Programmable and PID automatic control

3. Imported energy saving chamber material

4. Double liner structure, good heat dissipation design, even long time heating, furnace body still can keep

1200C intelligent vacuum furnace is widely used in a variety of reaction temperature at about

1100C for CVD experiments; may also be used for vacuum sintering, atmosphere protection

vacuum sintering,preparation of nanophase materials, batteries materials,etc.

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