horizontal tube furnace of 1400℃ high temperature for Laboratory | cyky

horizontal tube furnace for laboratory is a compact 50mm (2″) tube furnace with SiC Rods heating elements. The temperature of the furnace for laboratory is controlled by a 30 segment programmable high precision SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) digital controller with the accuracy of +/-1℃. it is widely used in material & chemical labs to sinter all types of new material

horizontal tube furnace

horizontal tube furnace technical parameter

Model No. CY-T1400-50IT
Display LED Digital Panel
Limiting temperature 1400℃
Working temperature ≤1300℃
Heating rate 0-20℃/min
Heating Zone length 300mm, constant temperature zone:150mm
Quartz tube diameter OD50*1000mm, 60/80/100/120mm for option
Temperature accuracy ± 1℃
Heating element SiC rod
Thermal couple S TYPE
Cooling method Double layer structure with fan cooling
Temperature control 30 steps programmable PID control
Chamber material Alumina fiber
Over-temperature alarm Yes
Over-current alarm Yes
Sealing flange S.S vacuum flange
Cooling method air forced cooling
Main Power 2.5Kw
Working voltage AC220V,50Hz

Horizontal extreme temperature Tube for laboratory

Horizontal extreme temperature Tube for laboratory chamber up to 1700 °C, metal disilicide heating parts, 1700 °C liquid ecstasy. temperature, one hundred metric linear unit heated length, 390 metric linear unit total chamber length, 40 mm max. outer work tube diameter, while not work tube, 510 x 390 x 420 metric linear unit (HxWxD) outer dimensions chamber, three metre cable to separate management module, plug adds one hundred fifty metric linear unit to depth of management module, 480 x 560 x five hundred metric linear unit (HxWxD) outer dimensions management module, Digital PID-Controller E3216P1 with eight programmable section pairs (8 ramps and eight dwell times), Adjustable digital over temperature protection with separate thermocouple junction and controller E2132i, Power supply: 230 V, single section, 50 Hz, 2.2 kW, the image shows Associate in Nursing item from a similar kind., Size and outfit might be completely different thereto kind.