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Mini Arc Melting Furnace (Quartz chamber) is a cheap and small vacuum arc melting furnace with tungsten electrode and water-cooled copper crucible. The melting temperature of the equipment can exceed 3000℃, and then the temperature is quickly reduced. The transparent quartz chamber can be used to observe the melting of the sample at 360 degrees. Mini Arc Melting Furnace is a high quality and inexpensive experimental tool for sample smelting, heat treatment, and the phase diagram study

 arc melting furnace scope of application

Our selection of mini arc melting furnace is low cost, compact, simple to operate and reliable, yet can reach temperatures up to 3700°C and find use in a wide range of applications. Arc Melting Furnaces use an electric arc to heat or melt material and are a cost saving alternative to induction or resistance heater furnaces for certain applications. We have a several sizes available. Common applications include: Powder melting, Creating alloys, Crucible welding, Metallic buttons, Material densification, Arc casting, High purity melts. More technical information on arc melting furnaces

mini arc melting furnace

mini arc melting furnace specifications

Product model CY- MSM-130A
Main features 1. Design melting sample amount ≦ 10g, temperature can reach 3000℃.2. Adopt transparent quartz cavity (with protective cover), which can observe the melting situation of the sample at 360 °.

3. Water-cooled copper crucible.

4. The melting gun angle can be adjusted.

5. The vacuum interface is connected with a flexible bellows to ensure tightness.

Technical parameters 1. Vacuum gauge

A mechanical pressure gauge is installed on the device to measure the pressure inside the chamber

Optional digital display anti-corrosion vacuum gauge

2. Arc power

Input voltage: 380VAC, three-phase

Max input current: 10A. (Requires a 40A air switch)

Output voltage / current: 22.6 V / 315A (DC)

Push button switch controls power output

3.Tungsten electrode

Equipped with a 4mm diameter tungsten electrode with water cooling on the head

Electrode gun angle adjustable for smelting multiple samples

Meltable sample amount <10 g, temperature reaches 3000 ℃


Equipped with a water-cooled copper crucible with 4 work stations, each station is Φ25mm × 7mm

Copper crucibles of various sizes can be customized according to customer requirements

5. Chamber

Quartz chamber with Φ168 × 136mmH

Product specifications Furnace sizeFurnace body: 500 mm L × 450 mm W × 720 mm H

Power supply: 460mm L × 306mm W × 305mm H

Standard accessories 1 set Melting furnace host1 Argon arc welder

1 Chiller

1 furnace frame

1 Vacuum pump

Optional accessories Suction Casting Parts (Please contact our company when you need to buy)
Application considerations 1. Vacuum pump (optional)Optional various vacuum pumps

Vacuum degree: 10 ^ -2 torr (mechanical pump)

10 ^ -5 torr (molecular pump system)

2. Water chiller (optional)

When the equipment is running, cooling water is needed to cool the arc gun and the copper crucible. Optional circulating water chiller CY-5000 can be purchased from our company (water pipe specifications are 12mm outer diameter x 8mm inner diameter)

 arc melting furnace video: