Soft metal sintering furnace of 1400c for Cobalt-chromium alloy | cyky

Soft metal sintering furnace is Cobalt-chromium alloy, commonly known as soft metal, is widely used in the medical field because of its excellent biocompatibility and non-toxicity. However, because the forming and sintering process of cobalt-chromium alloy is a major difficulty in processing, this greatly restricts the promotion of this alloy material in the denture industry and restricts the development of the industry. After two and a half years of technical research, our company successfully developed the first “cobalt-chromium alloy dental sintering furnace” that can be used in production. The  metal sintering furnace provides precise high-temperature sintering process for cobalt-chromium alloy dentures. The intelligent temperature control system can store multiple sintering curves, the main control chip can intelligently control the gas inlet and change; all operations can be done on the touch screen, the operation is simple and intuitive. Our soft metal sintering furnace will be your best choice for the production of cobalt-chromium dentures.

Scope of application: soft metal (cobalt chrome) dental crown sintering

Soft metal sintering furnace

Soft metal sintering furnace Technical parameters:

Model CY-A1400-ZQ
Chamber structure Lifting type, lift mechanism mute processing
Chamber size φ100×150mm
Chamber volume 1.2L
Chamber material Imported alumina fiber
Operating mode HD full color LCD touch screen
Working temperature 0~1400℃
Heating rate ≤60℃/min
Heating zone Single heating zone
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control 30 Steps programmable and PID automatic control
Temperature measuring element S-type thermal couple
Gas Pure air and inert gas, program automatically controls switching
Gas interface 1/4″ ferrule connector (Ø8 pagoda-shape connector)
Power supply AC: 220V 50/60Hz

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