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1200℃ open type three-heating zone rotaty tube furnace uses high-purity quartz to make variable-diameter quartz tube, which is specially designed for powder processing. The rotating device adopts friction transmission, and the inclination angle (0-15°) can be adjusted arbitrarily. At the same time, the tube furnace has three heating zones with independent temperature control. Each heating zone can edit 30 sections of temperature rise and fall program, and the equipment also has overheating and break protection functions. The flanges on both sides of the furnace tube are equipped with a digital vacuum gauge and a mechanical pressure gauge, which can be used to control the atmosphere in the furnace tube. If the experiment requires the use of flammable gas, the tube furnace can be equipped with a manual ignition device to complete the exhaust gas treatment to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the experiment.

1200℃ three-heating zone rotary tube furnace application range:

Tube furnaces are mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium battery positive and negative materials, new energy, abrasives and other industries, and can also be used for heat treatment in atmospheric environment. It can also be used to form a CVD system for related coating test production.

rotary tube furnace

1200℃ three-heating zone rotary tube furnace technical parameters:

Max power4.5kw
Furnace tube materialHigh purity quartz
Furnace tube diameter60mm at both ends, 100mm in the middle
Furnace tube length1400mm
Furnace chamber length600mm
Heating zone length200mm+200mm+200mm
Operating temperature0~1100℃
Temperature control accuracy±1℃
Temperature control mode30 or 50 segment program temperature control
Display modehighlight digital tube display
Sealing method304 stainless steel vacuum flange
Flange interface1/4″ ferrule connector (Ø8 pagoda-shape connector)
Power supplyAC:220V   50/60Hz
Angle of inclination0~15°
Rotate speed0~20 rpm

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