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vertical tube furnace uses high-quality electric furnace wire as heating element, the maximum heating temperature is 1200℃, and the diameter of the quartz furnace tube is 50 mm. If the customer needs, can contact the technician to customize the larger diameter furnace tube. The default heating temperature zone is single temperature zone. Multi-heating zone can also be customized according to customer needs. The temperature zone is controlled by the precision temperature control meter for PID temperature control. The 30-segment temperature rise and fall program can be edited, and the overheating and open circuit of thermocouple protection functions are also available. The lower flange of the furnace tube has a vacuum interface, and the upper flange has a 1/4 inch gas inlet port and a pressure gauge, which can be used to control the atmosphere in the furnace tube. The furnace chamber adopts open design for easy installation of the furnace tube. At the same time, the tube furnace is operated by HD true color touch screen, which is easy to use. Even non-professionals can master the use of the instrument after simple training, which can greatly improve your experiment efficiency.

Vertical tube furnace

This vertical tube furnace is mainly used for: various CVD experiments, atmosphere sintering, high temperature treatment; especially suitable for the preparation of oxides, sulfides.

vertical tube furnace Technical parameters:

Model CY-O1200-50I-T-V
Furnace tube material High purity quartz
Furnace tube diameter 50mm
Furnace tube length 1000mm
Furnace chamber length 440mm
Heating zone length 400mm
Constant temperature zone 200mm
Operating temperature 0~1100℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control mode 30 or 50 segment program temperature control
Display mode LCD touch screen
Sealing method 304 stainless steel vacuum flange
Flange interface 1/4″ cutting sleeve joint (Ø8 pagoda joint)
Vacuum 4.4×10E-3Pa
Power supply AC:220V 50/60Hz

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