The 25KW program temperature-controlled 25KW lab small induction melting furnace SP-25TC is a small program-controlled induction melting furnace equipped with quartz tube with diameter Ø100mm, stainless steel flange, graphite crucible, vacuum pump, water cooler and moving frame. The maximum power is 25KW, which is the growth crystal. Ideal for alloy smelting (melting point < 1700oC).

induction melting furnace

25KW lab small induction melting furnace Technical Parameters

Installation condition This equipment is required to be used at altitudes below km, at 25 °C ± 15 °C, and at a humidity of 55% RH ± 10% RH.

1, water: equipment with self-circulating cooling water machine (filled with pure water or deionized water)

2, electricity: AC380V 50Hz (63A air switch), must have good grounding

3, gas: the equipment chamber needs to be filled with argon (purity of 99.99% or more), you need to bring your own argon gas cylinder (with Ø6mm double ferrule joint)

4, workbench: size 1500 mm × 600 mm × 700 mm, bearing more than 200 kg

5, ventilation: need

main feature     As shown in Figure 1, a refractory brick made of high-purity alumina fiber resistant to 1800 °C is used to support the graphite crucible and prevent heat radiation.

2, with automatic water pressure, overheating, high power protection system.

3. The temperature controller adopts the PID method to control the temperature, and can set the 30-stage lifting and lowering temperature program, and has the functions of overheating and breaking protection.

4, equipped with anti-corrosion type vacuum gauge, when the pressure is above 10 mbar, there is no need to change the coefficient of the gas type, the range can be 3.8 × 10E-5 torr.

5, equipped with a double-rotating direct-connected mechanical pump.

Technical Parameters  High frequency induction heating furnace

1, working voltage: three-phase AC 380V 50Hz (requires 60A air switch)

2, the maximum input power: 15KW

3, oscillation frequency: 30KHz -80kHz

As shown in Figure 4, the cycle ratio: 80%

5, induction coil: outer diameter Ø120mm, inner diameter Ø110mm, height 50mm (finely adjustable)

Temperature Controller

1, working voltage: AC208V-240V single phase

2, temperature control accuracy: ± 5 ° C

3, temperature: continuous working temperature is 1000 °C-2000 °C, the maximum working temperature is 1700 °C (working time <30 minutes)

As shown in Figure 4, the maximum heating rate: 1 ° C / sec (0-1000 ° C), 0.5 ° C / sec (1200 ° C -1700 ° C))

 Graphite crucible (consumable parts)

1, high-purity graphite crucible: outer diameter Ø40mm, inner diameter Ø37.1mm, height 100.5 mm (optional SiC coating, coated inside the crucible to improve the cleanliness of metal melting)

2, the maximum capacity: the volume occupied by the sample should be 1/2 of the volume of the graphite crucible

Quartz tube and sealing flange

1, quartz tube: outer diameter Ø100mm, inner diameter Ø92mm, length 355 mm

2, top flange: stainless steel flange, with stainless steel needle valve, with an armored interface (can be inserted into the thermocouple to the inside of the quartz tube to more accurately measure the sample temperature)

3, bottom flange: stainless steel needle valve and KF25 interface (can be connected to the vacuum pump through the bellows)

 Water cooler

1, temperature: 5 ° C -30 ° C

2, water flow rate: 16L / minute

3, water tank capacity: 12L, made of stainless steel

(It is recommended to use a specific coolant solution for optimum cooling)

 Vacuum pump

As shown in Figure 1, the operating voltage: AC208V-240V single phase

2, pumping rate: 120L / minute

3, the ultimate vacuum: 10-2torr

(In order to obtain a higher degree of vacuum for better smelting effect, a vortex molecular pump can be purchased with a vacuum of 10E-5 Torr)

Precautions  The instructions must be read carefully before handling and the operator must wear a protective mask. When used, the smelting must be carried out under flowing argon of ≤0.02Mpa, the flow rate is less than 200ml / min, and the air pressure in the quartz tube should always be kept <0.02MPa. During the heating process, always pay attention to the air pressure in the quartz tube.

The full value will cause the quartz tube to crack, the flange to be pulled out, and even cause personal injury.