This induction melting furnace is a vacuum induction furnace with induction heating, and the melting temperature of the equipment can reach 2000℃. The induction furnace adopts a stainless steel water-cooled chamber and is equipped with a quartz observation window to observe the sample melting condition. It is suitable for sample melting and heat treatment, phase diagram research. The equipment adopts high-quality high-frequency induction power supply and supports customized maximum 60KW high-frequency induction power supply. The equipment is equipped with a high-vacuum molecular pump set, which can effectively improve the vacuum degree of the substrate and thus improve the quality of the melting. The equipment is also equipped with a lifting platform and a flip handle to facilitate the operator to carry out the casting and sampling operations after melting.

induction melting furnace

The equipment is comprehensive in function, fast in melting, easy to use, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is very suitable for laboratory research on metal samples.

It can strictly control the alloy composition, and has the ability of electromagnetic stirring and high vacuum degassing. Smelting and casting of nickel-based, iron-based, cobalt-based and other advanced precision alloys or high-purity metals can be performed under high vacuum conditions or under a protective atmosphere. If a graphite crucible is used, low-resistivity metals and their alloys can be melted by indirect heating, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, bronze, etc.

Technical Parameters of vacuum induction melting furnace:

Power Requirements 30KW,380V,3 phase, 50Hz
Max operating temperature 2000C
Crucible capacity 3Kg
Vacuum chamber 500*500mm, SS304 material
Heating coil size Diameter 220mm with height 180mm
Molecular pump 5.0*10E-6 mbar
Protect atmosphere N2, Ar
Window view 2 glass window view
Temperature measurement Infrared temperature measurement
Temperature control accuracy ±3C
Temperature control PID control
Control ways PLC touch screen
Cooling method Integrated cold trap
Crucible Can be able to tilt to 95 degree for tilt cast
Out dimension 1350*1100*1500mm
Chamber size 500mm diameter *500mm height
Vacuum pump Molecular pump included

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