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2000 ℃ temperature controlled 30KW induction heating furnace CY-SP-85KTC is a large-scale high-temperature induction heating and melting furnace system, equipped with 30KW induction heater, 8.5 ″ (216mm) quartz tube, hinged flange and valve, graphite Crucible, graphite blanket, alumina insulation blanket, 16L / min circulating chiller, vacuum pump and mobile furnace stand, the highest temperature can reach 2000 ℃ (protective gas needs to be introduced into the quartz tube during use), which is a better choice for growing crystal, melting metal and heat treatment of various materials.

30KW induction heating furnace

30KW induction heating furnace Technical Parameters

Product model    2000 ℃ temperature controllable 30KW induction heating furnace CY-SP-85KTC
Main features  1. A refractory made of multiple pieces of alumina is used to support the graphite crucible and prevent heat radiation.

2. Equipped with automatic water pressure, overheating, and high power protection system.

3. The temperature controller adopts PID to control the temperature, and can set up 30 sections of temperature rise and fall programs, and has overheating and broken couple protection functions.

4. Equipped with anti-corrosion vacuum gauge, when the air pressure is above 10mbar, there is no need to convert the coefficient according to the type of measured gas, and the range can reach 3.8 × 10E-5


5. Mini-float flowmeter accuracy is 4%.

6. Equipped with two-stage rotary vane mechanical pump (2L / s), which can make the vacuum degree in the quartz tube reach 10E-2torr.

Technical Parameters Induction heater

1. Working voltage: three-phase AC 380 V 50 Hz (60 A air switch required)

2. Working current: 7Amps-70Amps (100A air switch required)

3. Power: Maximum oscillation power 30KW, maximum input power 15KW

4. Output frequency: 30KHz-110 KHz

5. Duty cycle: 80%

6. Induction coil: inner diameter Φ220 mm, height 65 mm

7. Air cooling: rear fan

Temperature controller and thermocouple

1. Working voltage: AC208V-240V single phase

2. Temperature control accuracy: ± 3 ℃

3. Thermocouple: Type C, outer diameter Φ1 / 4 ″, length 10 ″

4. Continuous working temperature range: 1000 ℃ -2000 ℃

5. Maximum heating rate: 4 ℃ / s (1000 ℃ -1200 ℃), 3 ℃ / s (1200 ℃ -1500 ℃), 1 ℃ / s-2 ℃ / s (1500 ℃ -2000 ℃)

Graphite crucible (consumable parts)

1. High-purity graphite crucible: outer diameter Φ114mm, inner diameter Φ100mm, height 142mm

2. Maximum capacity: the volume of the sample should be 1/2 of the volume of the graphite crucible, and the maximum mass is 4kg (calibrated with iron)

3. Insulation layer: graphite crucible is surrounded by three layers of heat insulation materials, from inside to outside are graphite felt (temperature resistance 2200 ℃) -alumina (temperature resistance 1700 ℃)

High temperature felt with a total thickness of 32mm

Quartz tube and sealing flange

1. Quartz tube: open at both ends, outer diameter Φ216mm, inner diameter Φ208mm, length 500mm

2. Top flange: using stainless steel folding flange, equipped with anti-corrosion vacuum gauge, stainless steel globe valve, equipped with a 1/4 ″ armored interface (can be inserted into the thermocouple into the quartz tube for more accurate measurement Sample temperature)

3. Bottom flange: equipped with KF25 interface, which can be connected to vacuum pump through bellows

Water cooler

1. Temperature: 5 ℃ -30 ℃

2. Water flow rate:> 16L / min

3. Water tank capacity: 12L, made of stainless steel

4. Water pressure: ≥0.1MPa

5. Flow rate: ≥5L / min

(It is recommended to use specific coolant liquid to achieve the best cooling effect)

Vacuum pump

Working voltage: AC208V-240V single phase

Mobile stove

Size: 700mm × 1000mm × 700mm, steel frame structure, easy to move induction heater and quartz tube with flange

Matters needing attention Before operation, the instructions must be read carefully, and the operator must wear a protective mask. When used, the smelting must be carried out under flowing argon ≤0.02Mpa,

When the flow rate is less than 200ml / min, the air pressure in the quartz tube must always be kept <0.02MPa. During the heating process, always pay attention to the air pressure in the quartz tube. If the air pressure exceeds the safe value, it will cause the quartz tube to crack, the flange pops out, and even physical injury.

Other matters This machine can be changed to RTP (rapid heat treatment furnace) and mixture physical chemical vapor deposition (HPCVD) system. Please refer to the picture below.