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The Bridgman crystal growth furnace is a small 1100℃ Bridgman crystal growth furnace with a 2-inch quartz tube and precision hanged wire travel mechanism. It is used to grow small size crystals in the atmosphere-protected environment or sealed quartz crucible environment. The growth furnace adopts tube structure and has three zones: a heating zone, a gradient zone and a cooling zone, each of which uses PID independent temperature control. The suspension wire is made of platinum wire, which can withstand temperatures up to 1600℃. The lifting motor uses a stepper motor with the speed range of 0.03mm / h to 90mm / h. It can be adjusted to meet the needs of various crystal growth.

The field of use is for the growth of small size crystals in the atmosphere-protected environment or sealed quartz crucible environment.

Bridgman crystal growth furnace

Bridgman crystal growth furnace application field technical parameters:

Model CY- O1200-60III-T-BMGH
Furnace tube material High purity quartz
Furnace tube diameter 60mm
Furnace tube length 1300mm
Furnace chamber length 990mm
Heating zone length 100mm+200mm+600mm
Operating temperature 0~1100℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control mode 30 or 50 segment program temperature control
Display mode LCD touch screen
Sealing method 304 stainless steel vacuum flange
Flange interface 1/4″ cutting sleeve joint (Ø8 pagoda joint)
Vacuum 4.4×10E-3Pa
Rated power 4.5KW
Power supply AC:220V 50/60Hz
Precision lifting machine Speed range: 0.03~90mm/h (adjustable)

Total travel: 900mm

Motor power: 30W

Bridgeman crystal growth method, also known as the crucible drop method, Bridgeman-Stockbarge method, B-S method, is a commonly used crystal growth method. The specific experimental procedure is as follows.
The material required for crystal growth is placed in a cylindrical crucible, slowly lowered, and passed through a furnace having a temperature gradient to control the furnace temperature slightly above the melting point of the material. Depending on the nature of the material and the heating device, an electric resistance furnace or a high frequency furnace can be used. When passing through the heating zone, the material in the crucible is melted. When the crucible continues to drop, the temperature at the bottom of the crucible first drops below the melting point and begins to crystallize, and the crystal continues to grow as the crucible falls. This method is commonly used to prepare alkali metal, alkaline earth metal halides and fluoride single crystals.

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