Single crystal growth furnace with four electrodes Arc melting | cyky

single crystal growth furnace with four gun arc melting in the vacuum chamber (Ar gas arc is used to melt the sample and the pulling and rotation mechanism is used for pulling). Its temperature can reach 3000 ℃. The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel (with the water cooling jacket), and the vacuum can reach 1.0E-5Torr. This single crystal furnace is particularly suitable for growing high-melting single crystals, such as Ti single crystal, YSZ, SiC and CeRh2Si, etc.

single crystal growth furnace

single crystal growth furnace Technical parameters:

Vacuum chamber 1. Adopt 304 stainless steel chamber with the water cooling jacket, which can inlet cooling water

2. With a quartz window on the chamber to observe the sample

3. Chamber vacuum: 1.0E-5 Torr (With molecular pump)

4. Chamber size: dia.257 * 360mm

vacuum gauge 1. A digital display anti-corrosion vacuum gauge and a mechanical pressure gauge are installed on the chamber
Arc gun 1. There are 4 arc guns, which can make the sample get a uniform temperature field (the arc guns are equipped with cooling water)

2. Tungsten electrode diameter: Φ4mm

3. The angle and distance of the arc chamber to the sample can be adjusted manually

4. Arc striking power supply: 18 V / 185 A voltage 380V

5. Melting temperature can reach 3000℃

Sample stage 1. Adopt water-cooled copper crucible

2. The amount of sample that can be input is 60g (Fe based)

Pulling mechanism 1. The controller controls the pulling speed, rotation speed of the pulling mechanism

2. Pulling speed: 0.2-10mm / h

3. Pulling stroke: 0-70mm

4. Pulling rod rotation speed: 0-40RPM

Control unit 1. The parameters for single crystal growth can be displayed and set (arc starting current, speed of the pulling rod, pulling stroke and speed)
Vacuum pump 1. The equipment is equipped with a molecular pump system (mechanical pump + turbo molecular pump)

2. Pumping rate: 100L / S

3. The vacuum of the equipment chamber can reach 1.0E-5 Torr (within 40 minutes)

Circulating water chiller 1. Power: 800W

2. Water flow speed: 58L / min

3. Cooling capacity: 5004W (17500Btu / hour)

4. Temperature control: 5 ~ 30℃

Product dimension 800mm(L)*800mm(W)*1500mm(H)