Electric arc melting furnace with electromagnetic stirring-cyky

Electric arc melting furnace with electromagnetic stirring (Quartz chamber) is a cheap and small vacuum arc melting furnace with tungsten electrode and water-cooled copper crucible. The melting temperature of the equipment can exceed 3000℃, and then the temperature is quickly reduced. The transparent quartz chamber can be used to observe the melting of the sample at 360 degrees. CY-MSM-130B is a high quality and inexpensive experimental tool for sample smelting, heat treatment, and the phase diagram study.

Electric arc melting furnace

Electric arc melting furnace technical parameter:

Product model CY- MSM-130B
 Main features 1. Design melting sample amount ≦ 10 g, temperature can reach 3000 ℃.

2. Adopt transparent quartz cavity (with protective cover), which can observe the melting situation of the sample at 360 °.

3. Water-cooled copper crucible.

4. The melting gun angle can be adjusted.

5. The vacuum interface is connected with a flexible bellows to ensure tightness.

Technical parameters 1. Vacuum gauge

A mechanical pressure gauge is installed on the device to measure the pressure inside the chamber

Optional digital display anti-corrosion vacuum gauge

2. Arc power

Input voltage: 380VAC, three-phase

Max input current: 10A. (Requires a 40A air switch)

Output voltage / current: 22.6 V / 315A (DC)

Push button switch controls power output

3.Tungsten electrode

Equipped with a 4mm diameter tungsten electrode with water cooling on the head

Electrode gun angle adjustable for smelting multiple samples

Meltable sample amount <10 g, temperature reaches 3000 ℃


Equipped with a water-cooled copper crucible with 4 work stations, each station is Φ25mm × 7mm

Copper crucibles of various sizes can be customized according to customer requirements

5. Chamber

Quartz chamber with Φ168 × 136mmH

Product specifications Furnace size

Furnace body: 500 mm L × 450 mm W × 720 mm H

Power supply: 460mm L × 306mm W × 305mm H

Standard accessories 1 set Melting furnace host

1 Argon arc welder

1 Chiller

1 furnace frame

1 Vacuum pump

Optional accessories Suction Casting Parts (Please contact our company when you need to buy)
Application considerations 1.Vacuum pump (optional)

Optional various vacuum pumps

Vacuum degree: 10 ^ -2 torr (mechanical pump)

10 ^ -5 torr (molecular pump system)

2.Water chiller (optional)

When the equipment is running, cooling water is needed to cool the arc gun and the copper crucible. Optional circulating water chiller CY-5000 can be purchased from our company (water pipe specifications are 12mm outer diameter x 8mm inner diameter)