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vacuum arc melting furnaces is a small vacuum arc melting furnace with tungsten electrodes and water-cooled copper crucible. The equipment melting temperature can exceed 3000℃, and the temperature is reduced rapidly.

The equipment adopts stainless steel water-cooled chamber and is equipped with a quartz observation window to observe the sample melting condition, which is very suitable for sample melting and heat treatment, phase diagram research. During smelting, the metal is placed in the water-cooled copper crucible.

According to the process requirements, the furnace can be filled with high-purity inert protective gas, and the high-temperature plasma generated by the arc is used to melt the metal. Multi-station copper crucible can be used for a variety of small metal (about 3g ~ 5g per station) smelting in sequence, with the side control lever for tilting and rotating metal ingots after smelting.There is a larger cavity in the middle of the copper crucible for mixed smelting of the alloy (which can hold about 25g).

The smelting furnace is also equipped with a vacuum suction casting mold. The user can replace and install it by simple tools. After replacement, the vacuum suction casting function can be realized. The cylindrical metal sample can be made to facilitate subsequent cutting, clamping and analysis operations.

The device has the advantages of small size, stable performance, simple operation, comprehensive functions and convenient use, and is very suitable for laboratory research on small doses of metal samples.

vacuum arc melting furnace

vacuum arc melting furnaces Technical parameters:

Item Details
Supply voltage AC380V (three phase) or AC220V, 50Hz
Power Customizable, default 18kW (three-phase 380V) / 13kW (AC220V)
Chamber material Stainless steel
Cooling method Water-cooled chamber, water-cooled electrode, water-cooled copper crucible
Chamber size O.D φ200mm×H.180mm
Observation window diameter 40mm
Crucible Water-cooled copper crucible with 7 cavities, six cavities φ25mm×8mm, medium large working cavity φ40mm×12mm, which can be used for mixed smelting alloy
Vacuum suction casting mold crucible, φ40mm×12mm
Water-cooled connector 1/4-inch quick plug interface
Vacuum interface KF16 flange
Vacuum pump Rotary vane pump; molecular pump set is optional
Intake interface 1/4-inch quick plug interface
Intake valve Stainless steel needle valve
Vacuum gauge 2.5-stage pointer vacuum gauge
Overall dimension 600mm×500mm×800mm (without vacuum system and external power supply)

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