This box type zirconia sintering furnace is mainly used for the crystallization of zirconia crowns in denture processing plants. The zirconia sintering furnace adopts a 1800℃ pure heating rod, which does not cause secondary pollution to the dental crown; the furnace adopts double-sided heating and is equipped with special exhaust port, which is beneficial to flue gas emission and can effectively prevent dental crown pollution. The double-layer liner structure is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The intelligent temperature control can store dozens of heating curves, and the temperature control is precise and fast. All operations can be completed on the touch screen, which greatly improves your production efficiency. The box furnace technology is mature and stable, and it is one of the most cost-effective box furnaces.

Product application: sintering of zirconia dental crown

zirconia sintering furnace

zirconia sintering furnace technical parameters:

Model CY-M1700-12IT
Chamber structure Open-type
Chamber size 120mm×120mm×130mm
Chamber volume 1.9L
Chamber material Imported alumina fiber
Operating mode HD full color LCD touch screen
Working temperature 0~1650℃
Heating rate ≤30℃/min
Heating zone Single heating zone
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control 50 Steps programmable and PID automatic control
Heating method Double-sided heating
Temperature measuring element B-type thermal couple
Power supply AC: 220V 50/60Hz

zirconia sintering furnace Structural features  :
1. The inner tank sintered by the zirconia sintering furnace is wet glazed, the sintering temperature is 840-880 ° C, the drying temperature is 100-150 ° C, and the sintering time is about 8-10 min.
2, the use of steel structure. The main insulation material is made of 1050 grade aluminum silicate fiber, and the air insulation layer and aluminum foil insulation reflection layer are designed.
3. Install 8 internal circulating stainless steel air curtains to block heat flow overflow and even furnace temperature. 4. American heater with corundum mullite tube.
5, the heating time of the product heating zone is guaranteed to be 8 to 10 minutes. The enamel is fully melted to improve quality.
6. The conveyor adopts 240-50kg suspension chain of closed rail, and the curved part of the track adopts Shanghai high-quality Mn steel and heat-treated suspension chain. Sintering and drying use a conveyor line that automatically refuels on the line and the tensioning device uses a heavy hammer structure.
7, using 310S high temperature heat-resistant steel as the top hook, hanging the workpiece, reliable operation


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