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Top seed solution growth furnace (Tssg) for growing various single crystals via flux solution. The box furnace uses alumina fiber as the furnace chamber material and MoSi2 as the heating element. Its chamber size is φ330mm × 250mm (H), and the maximum temperature can reach 1700 ℃. 30-segment programmable precision temperature controller, which can set heating and cooling temperature program according to different customer needs, the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 ℃, equipped with a precision pulling and rotation mechanism can be used to grow various crystal materials via top seed crystal flux solution, pulling speed and rotation speed can be customized according to customer needs.

Then, this paper puts forward a process prediction system of crystal growth using TSSGmethod which is based on the finite element simulation technology. With friendly interface,this process prediction system allows FETSSG’s numerical results to be indexed, filed andstored, etc. TSSG method crystal growth process prediction system can provide instant datawhich is of guidance value in a series of research in the laboratory.
Key words: TSSG method; crystal growth; Finite element simulation; Physics field

Top Seeded Solution Growth

Top seed solution growth furnace technical parameters:

Furnace construction ● Furnace material, using alumina polycrystalline fiber

● The double-layer shell structure is adopted so that the temperature of the shell surface is less than 60℃

● The heating element adopts high-quality silicon-molybdenum rod

● Internal heating zone size:

Φ330mm × 250mm (H) (21 Liter)

Effective heating area: φ200mm × 250mm (H) (8L)

Working Temperature ● Maximum working temperature: 1700 ℃ (< 1h)

● Continuous working temperature: 1600 ℃

Temperature Control ● Intelligent 30-segment programmable control, can set up 30-segment temperature heating and cooling program

● Constant temperature accuracy: ± 1℃

● Heating rate: 0-10 ℃ / min (recommended ≤5 ℃)

Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz; power: 9.5 KW
Furnace Dimension 610×635×825mm
Crystal Seed Rod Mechanism ● Water cooling pulling rod diameter: 28mm

● Customizable pulling speed range: 0.03-12mm / h (customers can customize according to actual needs, please contact our sales for details)

●Max Travel Distance: 400mm

● Manual operation to achieve rapid lifting

● Optional: Rotation speed: 0.03-50r / min (customized rotation mechanism and rotation speed range according to requirements)