vacuum  melting furnace of indium alloy is mainly used for high temperature melting and purification of indium alloy, and realizes the function of oxygen-free environment packaging.

vacuum indium alloy melting furnace

Product Features of vacuum  melting furnace:

1. Induction coil inductor structure, easy to operate, good power coordination, long life and not easy to deform.

2. Integrated product design, full packaging in an oxygen-free environment

3. Adopt the integrated design of distillation and smelting to realize the dual function of melting and distillation collection

4. Measure the crucible temperature at the bottom of the crucible in real time, and measure the surface temperature of the evaporation and collection surface at the top of the distillation.

5. High vacuum design of smelting furnace stainless steel.

The main purpose:

vacuum melting furnace is mainly used for the smelting treatment of metal materials (such as stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, copper, alloy steel, nickel-cobalt alloys, rare earth neodymium iron oxide, etc.) under vacuum or protective atmosphere conditions by colleges, universities, scientific research units and production enterprises. Vacuum refining of alloy steel

Technical parameters :

Crucible capacity

 40kg (based on the specific gravity of   indium alloy),

Max. working temperature


Power supply capacity

 120-150 Kw

Ultimate vacuum

 ≤ 5 Pa (after degassing)

Vacuum pressure rise rate

 ≤4.0 Pa/h

Overall dimensions

 About 2500×3000×3000 (L×W×H)

IF frequency

 1000~4000 Hz (automatic tracking)

IF voltage

 375 V

Casting method

 Bottom casting

Temperature measurement range

 Room temperature-1200℃

Temperature measurement method

 thermocouple or infrared, according to the needs of the actual part

Power supply type

 IGBT intermediate frequency power supply

Melting environment

 Vacuum or inert gas state.

Crucible size

 Dia.180mm * 250

Packing method

 Casting and packing in the glove box, oxygen-free state throughout the process

Glove box size

A. Single-station single-sided operation, size 1220*750*900mm

B. Control mode: 7-inch touch screen

C. Purification column: single column

D. Fan 90m³/h

E. Water index <1ppm

F. Oxygen index <1ppm

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