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25KW vacuum induction melting furnace is a vacuum induction furnace with induction heating, equipment melting temperature can reach 2000 ℃. This furnace adopts stainless steel water-cooled chamber, equipped with quartz observation window to observe sample melting, which is suitable for metal sample melting and heat treatment, phase diagram study. The equipment uses high-quality high-frequency induction power supply, the largest support for custom 60KW high-frequency induction power supply. The equipment is equipped with a high-vacuum molecular pump set, which can effectively improve the vacuum of the substrate and thereby improve the melting quality. The equipment is also equipped with a lifting platform, a flip handle and a water-cooled copper crucible, which is convenient for the operator to perform casting and sampling operations after melting.

35KW vacuum induction melting furnace

25KW vacuum induction melting furnace application field

35KW vacuum induction melting furnace has comprehensive functions, fast melting, easy to use, energy saving and environmental protection, which is very suitable for laboratory research on metal samples.

25KW vacuum induction melting furnace technical parameters

Vacuum induction melting furnace CY-IM300-35A
Induction power supply Frequency high frequency
power 25KW can be customized, the maximum is 60KW
Vacuum chamber Chamber material Stainless steel
Chamber size φ300mm x 300mm
Cooling system Water-cooled electrode, water-cooled cavity, water-cooled mold
Observation window Main observation window φ120mm
Lifting platform 0 ~ 40mm lifting range
Accessories Infrared temperature measurement window, vacuum funnel
Water cooling interface φ8mm quick plug interface
Vacuum system Product model CY-GZK103-A
Molecular pump CY-600
Pumping interface CF160
Exhaust interface KF16
Backing pump Rotary vane pump
Ultimate vacuum 1.0E-5Pa
Pumping rate Molecular pump: 600L / S Rotary vane pump: 1.1L / S Comprehensive pumping performance: 20 minutes Vacuum degree: 1.0E-3Pa
Vacuum measurement Compound vacuum gauge
Power supply AC 220V 50 / 60Hz
Crucible Graphite melting crucible Maximum support φ60mm x 80mm
Alumina insulated crucible Maximum support φ120mm x 90mm
Other Supply voltage AC220V 50Hz or three-phase 380V
Total power Reference induction power
Overall size 1550mm x 700mm x 1400mm
Total Weight 900kg

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