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The lab vacuum induction melting furnace CY-SP-25VIM is suitable for the rapid melting of a small amount of metal samples in the laboratories of colleges and universities, and it is an ideal tool for the development of new metal materials

Induction melting furnace

lab vacuum induction melting furnace technical parameters:



Vacuum induction melting furnace CY-SP-25VIM


1. Equipped with a complete refractory device, including the support at the bottom of the crucible, the support for the crucible and the cover, and made of alumina.

2. Automatic protection of water pressure and temperature, output power exceeds automatic protection of power supply.



SP-25A electric induction heater

1. Power supply: 220 V 50-60 Hz 42 A

2. Output power: 2-25KW

3. Output frequency: 30-80 KHz

4. Duty cycle: 80%

5. Automatic heating time: 1-99s

6. Automatic cooling time: 1-99s

7. Induction coil: outer diameter Φ95mm, inner diameter Φ85mm, height 50mm

8. Quartz tube: outer diameter Φ80mm, inner diameter 75 mm, length 300 mm

9. Vacuum flange: KF25 joint

10. Quartz crucible: outer diameter Φ58mm, inner diameter Φ36mm, height 78mm, capacity 79mL

11. Size: 470mm × 305mm × 435mm

Cold water machine

1. Temperature: 5-35℃

2. Water flow rate: 4L/min

3. Water tank: 4L

4. Size: 460mm×220mm×711mm

Vacuum pump

1. Power: 550W

2. Ratio: 226 L / min

Mobile furnace frame

1. Size: 800mm×600mm×597mm



Weight: 105 kg


1 SP-25A electric induction heater 1 set
2 Quartz tube 1
3 Quartz crucible 1
4 Vacuum flange 1 set
5 Cold water machine 1 set
6 Vacuum pump 1 set
7 Mobile furnace frame 1 set


Important smelting equipment for producing nickel-based superalloy, titanium alloy, non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, ultra-high strength steel and other special alloy materials.

Vacuum induction melting furnace(VIM) utilizes electric currents to melt metal within a vacuum. It is to induce a current within a conductor by changing the magnetic field is through electromagnetic induction and melt the metals.